LIVE AUCTION : January 25th 2020

A1 Pawn Maricopa Arizona Maricopa’s #1 pawn shop is holding our first LIVE AUCTION event January 25th 2020

Experience all of the action and excitement of the LIVE AUCTION BLOCK with a wide variety of awesome items



Guns & Ammo

Tools & Electronics

Music instruments, Memorabilia,  Toys and so much more!

On site preview starts at 10:30am

Live auction starts at 1pm

Bring your friends and family for an afternoon of fun and excitement, get into the action and battle for the best deals in Maricopa in 1000s of items!

Saturday January 25th 2020 A1 Pawn Maricopa 19395 n Maricopa rd 85139

The Pawnshop : Cash loan in Minutes

Walk in with an item, walk out with your $$$CASH$$$ It is that EASY!

It is our mission to provide viable, affordable, short-term loan options for your situation!

- No Credit check

- Free evaluation

- Minimal fees

- Low interest rate 

- 90 day terms

- We Pay CASH

- Broker Title Loans

- In and Out in minutes


Have an item of value? Need some short term cash? 

Bring your item or firearm into your local A1 PAWN shop, let us take a look and assess its value. 

If the condition and value make sense, we will offer you a cash loan based on a percentage of the value. If you wish, you can then leave your item in our safe care as collateral for your loan. 

Keep up to date on your loans through our APP for your smartphone, Android, or iOS device! 

When you are ready, stop back into the shop with your loan ticket and i.d., your repayment for your loan, and you take your item back home with you!! 


It really is THAT easy folks!  Stop in and see us today! 

Welcome to A1 Pawn - Maricopa Az


Yeah, we have an app!

Our guess is NO! 

Tired of paying that rediculous lost ticket fee? 

Use our Exclusive app and will never pay a lost ticket fee again!! 

Track your pawn and layaways, set alerts, even make your renewall payments from that magical little device called a smart phone!  


Ask an associate for more details. 


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