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We've got guns at A1 Pawn & Guns, Maricopa AZ

New and used stock added daily from all the hottest brands in the industry, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Beretta, SCCY, and many many more!


At A1 Pawn & Guns we are always actively hunting down all of the best pistols and rifles available for you!!! 

It is our goal to provide all of the necessary things to keep you and your families safe during these uncertain times. 


Stop in for the hottest selection of 12gauge ans 20 guage hunting shotguns from Mossberge, Winchester, Tristar.  

Its All Good.... We got you, at A1 Pawn Maricopa!

Are you prepared if something were to happen?

Are you and your family ready and stocked to take care of yourselves if something catastrophic were to really happen?

Social unrest is at an all time high... 

We are amidst a global pandemic like we have never seen before... 

What is next? 

What happens if this all gets worse

We don't have all the answers but your N95 mask will not do it!! 

Are you armed? Do you have enough ammo? do you have a plan? 

We may not be able to personally protect you

but we sure as shit can help make sure you have the neccessary hardware to ensure your families safety no matter what the situation!

Stop into A1 Pawn & guns today for more information.  



Here at A1 Pawn & GUNS we know life can present times of uncertainty, with the recent events domestic and foreign surrounding COVID-19 we want you to know we are still here to help!

As things transpire, we will be actively monitoring the situation at hand, following the advise of Pinal County, PCSO, the City of Maricopa and the govenors office. 

As  it stands at this time we will remain open to serve the community of Maricopa!

We have seen a high demand for Firearms and Ammunition, We are currently and actively working to keep the supply coming but there are challenges associated with supply chain in times of uncertainty. Please be advised, we may at our sole discretion, place limits on inventory as needed. 

The risk of contamination at A1 Pawn is minimal as we do not serve or handle consumables, food or drink (and since the 347 overpass construction we are tucked away from your day to day traffic!)

We have always put an emphasis on sanitation and have always emplimented the use of industrial disinfectant to ensure we are doing our part to stop this in its tracks! 

During this time, if you are looking for a certain firearm that we do not carry, we will gladly facilitate the FFL transfer from private sellers, recieve your firearm from a retailer of your choice, or facilitate a pre-order from one of our amazing suppliers! We are here to assist in any way we can! 

We wish you all nothing but safety and well being during uncertain times! 


Sincerely, Cj Pitman

and the guys here at A1 Pawn in Maricopa! 

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It really is THAT easy folks!  Stop in and see us today! 

Welcome to A1 Pawn - Maricopa Az


Due to recent concern surrounding CORVID-19 the Corona Virus we will be postponing our recently launched LIVE AUCTIONS until the dust has settled. 

If you are interested in consignment or other information please feel free to stop in and have a chat with the guys! 

A1 Pawn Maricopa

19395 n Maricopa rd, Maricopa Az 85139


Yeah, we have an app!

Our guess is NO! 

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