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A1 Pawn & GUNS is a Federal Firearms License holder in the city of Maricopa in Pinal County. 

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PMC 45acp Hollowpoint 50rd box

Price: 79.99 USD
Bullet Weight: 185 Grain Velocity: 900 FPS Rounds Per Box: 50 Bullet: Jacketed Hollow Point

CANON - Shade Tree

Price: 4999.99 USD
For sale is a Shade Tree Canon!! You will not find this in just anyone's collection. 2 1/2-3 pound cannon. 1 3/4 inch barrel, 1-1.5 taper, 1440, Barrel has been blued. Hand made carriage and wheels out of White Oak. Black powder, shoots golf ball size. Includes Quoin(wedge that raises and lowers barrel) packing rod, cleaning brush and wick. THIS CANON IS BAD ASS! You only need to sign a waiver of liability. Buyer must pay freight. Price reflects cash price, 3% charge for debit/credit cards